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Friday, 14 February 2014

Road trip - to the seaside

A day out in Brighton, a popular seaside town on the south coast

I walked along the pier for these next pix...

as you see it was fairly clear skies, but choppy seas..

I did briefly sketch and added watercolour later on...

further down the coast the sea was really fierce...


  1. I do remember Brighton , it was so exciting to go there when I was a girl ! I remember the first time we went my parents bought me one of those huge, and I mean HUGE ( I'd say about 8 inches wide but round) rainbow colored lollipop that look like the were braided in a circle. I could barely hold it upright.I wonder if they still sell them there on the beach :)
    Love your sketch, thank for the share and trip down memory lane.
    I liked in the U.K. only a few yearsas a child , dad had business there.
    Living in the U.K. left such a wonderful impression on me .
    I hope to make it back one day.

    1. That must be so nice to have these memories. They still sell those lollipops :-) Glad to have taken you down memory lane.

  2. Interesting photos and beautiful watercolours!!
    A hug :)

  3. Love your sketch of the pier ..and wow it was choppy out there. What is that thing in water in the fifth and sixth pix down. Looks like there is no way out there but by boat..what a fun place. Reminds me of some places along the beaches of Southern California where we came from.

    1. Hi Cris, that thing in the sea is the remains of the West Pier. Built around 1860 ish, it was supposed to have been renovated, but suffered a couple of fires and several storms, and has never been rescued. Guess it will eventually end its days like this sadly.

  4. Thank you for taking me to the beach today. Away from the snow and ice. I love watching the ocean. It's so mesmerizing, they rhythm of the waves and the sound. ----<---<@

  5. Your paintings are so exciting, Ann. Looks like such a fun place to vacation.

  6. WOW! You guys have noisy waves! ;)

  7. Loved the pictures Ann - I would love to be able to go there but I am so glad to see your pictures! Your sketching and painting are really quite wonderful.
    sandy xx


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