Art for the love of it - watercolours are my main choice of medium, closely followed by inspiration, acrylics and oils.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Canvas repurposed.

This is something I've done before and the other day I decided it was time to repurpose another old acrylic canvas painting.   Having bought some plain canvas tote bags (the stronger sort not flimsy ones), I set to work and cut my canvas from the frame it was on

the point of no return

Tote measures approx. 17" x 15"

I cross-stitched the canvas onto the bag using strong thread.  This is the inside of the bag, so the stitching shows - I call it my shabby chic stitch!

That's it, one modern tote shopper with repurposed artwork.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Khadi paper

I have mentioned this paper before - Khadi paper made from 100% cotton rag.

Extremely thick paper that absorbs A LOT of water.

You need to pre-mix loads of paint and some more.

12" x 12" khadi paper - Painting title: "Returning Home"

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Here's a random tip for you, which actually most of you probably already know, but anyway some may not.

When buying something and you get those annoying price labels stuck down on them --- okay if you are not Gifting/Present giving, but if you are it is best to remove said offending price label.  However, you know how nearly impossible some are to remove...


I like to Reuse jiffy bags when they have been used to send you postal items.  Those labels are BIG sometimes....

So to save from tearing them off and
RUINING the item/envelope





Carefully remove and you have a

Jiffy bag to Reuse

Note: always keep in mind what you are heating up
with the hairdryer and be sensible.