Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Velella Velella Jellyfish...

...Just when I thought I had finished adding photos of Jellyfish ...another variety turns up!!

This one is called Velella Velella or also known as By-the-wind-Sailor......and are quite small, measuring about 1"


I think this is the prettiest of
all the jellyfish I have shown

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Peacock resting in the sun

I went over to work at Arlington Court this week, my voluntary day that is....when I parked the car and walked down the lane, I heard something.  Turning back I saw this chap on the roof, sunning himself....

There are in fact three peacocks at Arlington, 
this one likes the converted barn and it's adjoining tin roof.....

I've heard of a cat on a hot tin roof, never a peacock!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Grapes and a lodger

Our grapes are coming along just lovely in the garden.

They're growing over an arbor

they still have some way to go, but there are

loads of bunches

We aren't bothered about eating them ourselves,

but we think there is someone who is...

our Lodger....

you see we have a resident  Pigeon on a nest above all these grapes

(difficult to see but look at the middle of the picture and you
may spot her)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Colourful walk

Walking through a local park the other day, we found a very colourful display of hydrangeas.  I took these pictures to share with you.  Apparently hydrangeas show the soil acidity by their colour...well, there must be a very mixed acidity level here.....

Pink = alkaline soil

Blue = acidic soil

Sunday, 3 August 2014

.....and more Jellyfish

This Summer there seem to have been quite a variety of jellyfish here.

I like the shape of this one, like a flower...

I thought this one looked a little grim....but unusual

I love the colour of this one....

that's it.

Hope you are all having

a very restful week-end.


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sketching the Lurcher

Guess most of you know 
William the lurcher!      
I have just done a short video 
of how I go about sketching him.      

Thought I would share it with you here. 

Most times I pencil in the sketch first, but sometimes (as now) I just go straight in with Ink.  Using my Sailor Calligraphy pen (I bought it here) took a bit of getting used to, but was worth the effort...I love using it - plus the ink is just the right colour for William.  Some inks are too blue or yellow - i.e. with Quink, as it is made up of those colours. The Sailor cartridge ink is great though.

When it dried I added his collar, but did nothing else to it.
As you see, where the ink had got away from me in the video, 
it actually worked for me in the end and it looks as
if William has a stroppy expression ....as if!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The shoe box project

I bet we have all bought that new pair of shoes and ended up leaving the shop with the shoe box too!...okay, some of us may love the box as much as the new shoes,  I do.     It means that I can hold on to it as a storage item OR a Gift box (when I have re-invented it, as I did with one recently).

This was your standard shoe box, which I covered liberally with acrylic paint....I had fun with this just sploshing it on...

all around...

It was only when I had taken the photos that I noticed the tablecloth beneath has a similar pattern on it!....

I added extra white swirls to the lid...

in the end it turned a plain old shoe box into a decorative
gift box