Art for the love of it - watercolours are my main choice of medium, closely followed by inspiration, acrylics and oils.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Visiting Bath

Even on a wet day, it was nice to visit Bath

On this occasion I took the opportunity to visit the Abbey

This next photo is of grills running around the flooring....fancy isn't it

~ looking forward to another visit here one day ~

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Swansea, the mumbles and beyond....

A brighter day for our visit to Wales, when we drove down to the Mumbles near Swansea.

Another day we went to the Gower, where we had a lovely walk...

We also stopped at Llantwit Major - well it had to be the beach again didn't it.  

It clouded over and got very breezy, but was worth the stop

Then onto the Fishguard area, we did have some business to attend to which proved to be highly successful, so our trip was very worthwhile...

and a certain lurcher enjoyed the visit too...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Wales...a few days away

...and we happen upon Barry Island.  Not completely an island as such, it's really a peninsula  - back in the late 1880's a road was built to join it to the main town of Barry - we visited the beach part ....

The beachfront has had money spent on it, and even at this time of year it had plenty going on.
Things for kids  - and kids at heart - although we didn't attempt to try the climbing wall!

A Notice gave guidance for those who did want the challenge

In English...

And in Welsh....

They are very helpful with their signs and notices...I like how they teach Welsh as you drive.  There are directional road signs in English with the Welsh meaning added too, it all lends itself to an entertaining journey. We have long known that ARAF in Welsh means SLOW, but for those who are hard of learning, it gets repeated quite a lot! 

A bit wet for our visit, but it didn't matter, we still enjoyed the walk.

These trips away are a great opportunity to do some Travel Sketching,
(as if I wouldn't) - 

I was given a really useful sketchbook recently by one of my online friends,
so it got road tested on this trip.
  Quick line sketches as we go from place to place.
- I thought I had done a lot of sketches in it,
but by the end of the trip I still have about half the book to fill.
Thanks CLC, this is proving to be a very handy sketchbook.

More pictures of Wales in my next post!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Painting a carriage

No, not drawing but literally painting it!  We've been helping to revamp the static play carriage at Arlington Court.  This is used so much by the public, people love having their photographs taken on it.  After a season of constant use, you can imagine it needs a little attention.

So we set to and cleaned it off to begin with...(don't worry, I did do my share of work, but stopped to take some photos)

Husband dealt mostly with the steps and carriage part - luckily we were undercover in the arcade..

it was a bit wet out there in the Court yard....

You can see I had done some work...I sanded down more of the metalwork on the 'horse' before adding enamel paint....

it started to look better very quickly...glad we put the dustsheet down - the wind was blowing and every so often the wind was sending strings of paint onto the ground! 

There are a lot of fiddly bits to tackle yet, but that will have to be another time...

...and the wood preservative made a big impact straight away too...

We got as far as we could for one day, now it's a case of waiting for paint and preservative to dry before we can continue with this job

BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER

I think you will agree, that has made a difference already.