Art for the love of it - watercolours are my main choice of medium, closely followed by inspiration, acrylics and oils.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

West Bay & Portland

West Bay .... We've had a recent trip down to Dorset and beyond - and oh did we get good weather - couldn't have planned it any better.

West Bay Dorset

The sandstone cliffs and Jurassic coast here are huge and still people like standing near the edge!!!

 Then on to


and the Ocean Hotel, which gave us access to some great walks

 and more stunning views...

 Portland Bill is where you see 3 Lighthouses...not all used for the original purpose though.

One is now a bird observatory

another is a private house that also does holiday accommodation

and the third is a Lighthouse in full use, although it is worked remotely these days, no lighthouse keeper in situ.  This one is actually open to the public, but no I didn't go in it, the thought of walking up narrowing steps to the top gives me vertigo just thinking about it!!!

 Plus there is a National Coastwatch lookout...
(I did notice that whoever was on duty swung a large telescope round to
observe an incoming yacht - nothing seems to escape their attention which is good)

Our Portland stay was a good one, which we intend to repeat again one day,
and perhaps by then I will be persuaded to climb up that lighthouse!

Oh...and Portland - Weymouth were host to the 2012 Sailing section of the
Olympics and there's a typically designed monument to
mark the event.  The legacy that the Olympics brought is still enjoyed throughout the area.

~ and then onward on our trip,
to be added shortly ~

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Exmoor ... a breath of fresh air.

Wild and windy at times,
other times
Sunny, Mild and Breathtaking...

(well, to be honest it is breathtaking when wet, windy and wild
you just can't hardly breath on those occasions)!!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Revisiting Dunster castle...

 We took a trip over the moor to Dunster castle again,
but this time didn't go into the castle itself!!!

Instead we walked round part of the grounds and made our
way down to the working Watermill

 This part of the gardens has a lot of plants like
ornamental banana plants, large grasses, bamboo
and the occasional wooden sculpture

 A sign that this is getting to be the end of Summer here -
the hydrangeas are starting to go over...

Even the path back to the castle took us 
above the mill with great views...